04 February 2009

Rainboots are required

Palabra del dia: paraguas- umbrella (because I forgot mine, again, today)

I don't really have a reason to blog, just because I keep thinking of random things I should tell you who read this about myself here in Spain and things about Spain that I've learned. So this will probably be random, but whateva.

1. I've come to learn that when caught in a sudden downpour, one's bufanda (scarf) easily doubles as an umbrella.

2. Deutche Bank is super because there's no ATM fee or money exchange fee because it's associated with Bank of America.

3. My host mom is wonderful because she buys me galletas rellenas con crema de chocolate. Wafer cookies with chocolate creme in the middle. I love them a little too much. She also cooks wonderfully and folds my underwear nicely when she does laundry.

4. My Flamenco dancing class might possibly be my favorite one I take here. You should YouTube it if you don't know what it is. It's pretty sweet.

5. When crossing the street, follow the Spaniards. If they cross in front of oncoming traffic, you can too.

6. The eating schedule is different here. We eat a normal breakfast that usually consists of toast and/or cereal, fruit, some sort of pastry, juice, yogurt, and coffee. I usually don't eat all that, but my senora gives me all those options cause I guess she doesn't want me to starve. For lunch, we eat at 2:30 or so everyday and it's a three course meal. Today we had some sort of vegetable and beef stew, then a Spanish tortilla thing that was spinach and egg with some sort of bite-sized, tuna filled bread things (descriptive, I know). Then for dessert, I had a tangerine and a kiwi. Yum.

7. After lunch is siesta. You're only supposed to sleep for like a half hour, but yesterday I layed in bed for almost 2 hours. Opps.

8. Everyone smokes here. I asked one of my teachers why she smokes (she's 26) and she literally responded, "Because I'm stupid." They know it's bad for their health, but they like to live in the moment, so they do what makes them happy at the time. Different than the US.

9. If you don't have skinny jeans, then you're not cool.

10. Having all of my classes in Spanish except one is overwhelming. It's a lot to handle right now. But, this is the reason I came here, so I'm going to have to suck it up and focus. The good thing is I'm not alone in it, there's 80 other students with me, so I know I'll be okay.

11. When you buy shoes, make sure they're comfortable enough to walk about 3 miles a day in, if not more, and on cobblestone too. If not, then you might get blisters on your pinkie toes which can lead to swollen pinkie toes, and that's painful. Oh yes, it happened.

Overall, things are going well. Like I said, classes are a little overwhelming right now, and, I'm not going to lie, I've had a few "I hate Spain" moments. But it comes with the territory. I just remind myself where I am and it all goes back into perspective. This place, more so this situation, has also revealed insecurities that I hold and they have come to the surface suddenly. It's interesting to see how I handle situations and how I view my ability to succeed in those situations. I think it's a good learning and growing experience for me. Currently I'm learning to be more independent, and I think it's working.

Well, that is all for now. What did I say, random. Hope you like it! :)


  1. SARAH!

    I'm so glad that you finally blogged! I read it aloud in my room with Kyle and Summer, and we miss you lots and lots. Love you SO MUCH!

  2. Hi Sarah!!! So glad you having a good time in Spain. Looks beautiful. I am having a good time in England. I totally agree with you on #2 (ours is Barclays, but it is great since you don't have to pay an ATM fee !!) #5 - they do that in England too!!! Crossing the street in London is an acquired skill. #9-I feel ya...all British people have skinny jeans too and boots. No one wears tennis shoes! #11 totally agreed!!

    I love reading your blog...You are great! have a good week !