21 December 2011

Pensar: To think (Pienso mucho... I think a lot)

I think so much.  This week, I find myself, sitting at work, just thinking.  About what, you ask?  Name it, I've probably thought about it.  Granted, I'm distracted by the fact that Christmas is in 4 days, and that means a week off of work (thank you, automotive industry).  A week to... act like a college kid on break.  Or something like that.  

This year signals a change.  Actually, many changes.  I thought I went through a lot of changes in college, but sheesh... this year has been a doosey.  In February, I started a new job as a Communications Specialist working at the Ford Motor Company.  It's been challenging, invigorating, rewarding and, at times, extremely frustrating.  I never knew I could grow so much in a job, or that my skills and training would come in so handy (especially all that Pryor stuff from college which many of us thought was somewhat silly).  I have grown so much, it's been incredible.  Back in February, one of our bosses told us that if we wanted to stick around for more than a year, we had to make them not be able to live without us.  On Monday when we officially found out we'd been renewed, one of our bosses said "you have shocked and amazed us" about our work and effort this year.  WOW.  I'm looking forward to growing and being challenged, making better friends with my awesome co-workers and communicating the crap out of that place!

Another big change that's been on my mind as we inch closer to Christmas is the fact that I'm going to be celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day with my dad in Texas.  This is quite monumental.  I haven't been with him on the actual Christmas Day since I was a wee little one.  My mom's side is going all different ways this year, and we won't all be together to open presents.  It's... odd.  It's the beginning of the kids growing up, moving away and, really, starting their own families.  My step-brother, who is 6 months younger than me, becomes a father in a few short weeks.  It's crazy how much and how quickly change happens.

Maybe my Spanish word of the day should have been "cambiar" which means "to change."

In 2012, I don't really see the change slowing down, though I'm hoping I know what's coming at me a little more.  But at the same time, I guess not knowing is half the fun... or frustration... or something.  I think my New Year's resolution should be to learn to roll with the punches.  I could probably stand to just let go and see what happens.