23 February 2010

dolores de crecimiento

Growing up hurts. Through all my experiences in my lifetime, and in the past 4 years as a student at William Jewell College, I think my senior year of college has been the most strenuous of them all. Some guesses as to why:
1) The transition back to America from Spain. Harder than I thought.
2) Coming back to Jewell after 8 months away. I'm a new person, and helping people understand that was/is really frustrating.
3) Senior Capstones. I have 4. FOUR. One last semester, three right now.
4) Finding a job/apartment.
5) Spain or no Spain? That is the question.

I think the biggest thing that has hurt is knowing I have one more year under my parent's roof, one more year to take naps in the afternoon, one more year to figure out my life. Okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic, but still. Finding a job in the midst of three capstones is hard. Basically, it's just growing up, or realizing that I have to grow up (and be on my own) in 3 months, that hurts. Really badly.

However, I know that in the end, it'll be good. I will be stronger, more well-equipped, employed, and a graduate of William Jewell College when I come out on the other side.

And for those reasons, the growing pains are worth it. Life, bring it on!