02 February 2009

Home is where the dry clothes are

Palabra del dia: llover: to rain y bailar:to dance

This weekend we went to Seville as a big group. We left Friday morning and got to Ronda, near Seville, in about 2 hours. In Ronda we visited la Plaza de Toros (the bull fighting ring). It was neat to be inside of and see actually where all the action takes place. We also were able to walk around the city a little bit and see part of it. The land there is crazy, not flat or even rolling hills like in Missouri. There were mountains and huge cliffs. Here's a picture of the view from there:

See what I mean?! Huge cliffs, but awesome view

Later that day, we headed to Seville. The weather couldn't have been better on Friday and Saturday during the day. Friday night we got all dressed up and had cocktails at a fancy-schmancy restuarant. We literally stood around, drank wine, and ate some scrumptious food for a few hours. And I got to wear my new dress!
This is me and Natalia, one of the directors at IES Granada. She is one of my favorite people and is very helpful to me when I need her!

On Saturday, we went to los Reales Alcazares y to el Barrio de Santa Cruz. We also went to the cathedral in Seville. That was my favorite part. There was a wedding going on there when we saw it, and we got to see the bride walking into the cathedral. Apparently, only five families per year can get married at this cathedral, one being the king's family. So basically she's pretty famous. The cathedral itself was amazing. All the history and architecture were like none I've seen before. In this cathedral was the tomb of Christopher Columbus. I told you, history! We also walked to the top of the tower. On our way up, we were guessing how high it would be. We guessed maybe 13 floors. Oh no, we were wrong. Thirty-four floors. Yea, that's tall. Good thing I didn't get too close to the edge. Here's some pictures from inside and outside the cathedral.

From the top of the cathedral in Seville, looking out. What a view!
New friends! Josh, Paige, me, Sarah (yes, there's 4 of us. What luck, eh?!), and Megan. At the top of the cathedral again!

After the cathedral, we had free time and then went to a Flamenco performance! The dancing was impressive and got me geared up for my Flamenco class here! I'm excited to learn the dancing!

That night, Saturday, some friends and I wanted to go out to a discoteca. One of the girls that works with IES, Alba, has some friends in Seville. We walked for literally thirty minutes or longer trying to find this discoteca. We walked across the river, which was beautiful. However, it was POURING down rain. Not fun. We finally found the discoteca and bailamos (we danced) until 5:30am!! It was soooo much fun, but I was tired the next day. On Sunday, we went touring the city a little more, still in the rain. In Seville when it rains, it collects in HUGE puddles. Needless today, we got soaked. On the bus ride home, we were all wet and cold and just wanted to get back to Granada. Even though I enjoyed Seville, I appreciate Granada more now for the free tapas, knowing the city more, and my dry clothes and hot shower that were awaiting me when I returned. Que bueno!

Today we started classes. I had Spanish (we all do, every morning), Flamenco, and the Arab World and the West. I think my classes are going to be a nice change from those at Jewell and are going to challenge me and teach me new perspectives. I'm excited for this.

I also went running for the first time since I got to Spain tonight. My host mom told me to go to the university campus and run, so I did. It was sooo nice to finally do that, and explore the city a little more. I am really enjoying my time here. I'm adjusting pretty well. Of course I have insecurities and what not and it's different, but I've already learned so much about life and myself and everything. And, to top it off, my host mom, host brother, and host sister all say my Espanol is better than a week ago! YES!!!!!

Well that is all for now. I hope you are enjoying keeping updated on my life!! Buenas noches!

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