09 February 2009

I don't have a language right now

Palabra del dia: contenta --> to be content

Life here is good. Last week we started classes and so far they are going well. I have Spanish class, the Spanish Experience and the other, the Arab World and the West, Flamenco, and Islamic Architechture. I like most all of my classes, but I'd have to say Flamenco is my favorite. Saturday night we got to go see a Flamenco performance here in Granada. We saw one in Sevilla when we went last weekend, but the one this weekend in Granada was very different. The performance in Sevilla was traditional Flamenco. But the one here was more modern and told a story more. It used other forms of dance mixed in and the dancers acted more. I'd have to say that that performance was one of the best overall dance performances I've ever seen! It was pretty stinkin amazing!

So back to classes. All of my classes, except one, are in Spanish. Initially, I was excited for this. However, when it came to it, I realized how overwhelming it is having everything in Spanish. My world is literally shifted upside-down. I now have one class in English and MY LIFE in Spanish, where as it is the other way around in the US. I know, I know, what did I expect?! I guess it just didn't quite hit me until I was sitting in class and having to interpret in my head and understand the subject material at the same time. All I'm going to say is I'm glad I have a class in English because it's definitely a break for my brain!

Today at lunch I, once again, had a chance to talk to my host mom and brother. Everyday at 2:30pm we have lunch. I am usually pretty hungry at this point, and after a 30-minute walk home, all I want to do is eat the pan (bread) in front of me. That being said, the conversation usually consists of my mom talking and me nodding my head in agreement whether I understand or not because I'm too tired to totally comprehend everything she's saying and then respond. BUT TODAY I HAD A BREAKTHROUGH! I don't know what it was, but I was in the conversation! I knew what was going on the majority of the time and my words worked IN SPANISH! I'm learning more and more that I don't always have to know every word in the sentence, and somehow the jist of what someone is saying makes sense and I can respond. Needless to say, my Spanish is getting better and I'm falling more and more in love with the language and Granada as each day passes. The funny thing though is that as my Spanish improves, I literally can't form some words in English. It's like when there's a word on the tip of your tongue but you just can't remember the word. This has happened countless times, probably even 3 or 4 times today alone. I couldn't remember the word "gringos" earlier. Sheesh!

Yesterday I went to a church with my friends Ronni and Betsy. They live across the street from me which is really nice since I don't have a roommate. Anyway, we found this church about 10 minutes from where we live called Iglesia Evangelista. It was a little church, but was packed to the gills with people. There were many people our age, both Spanish students and international students. Although I couldn't completely follow the pastor, I liked the church overall. It was what I needed and I'm looking forward to continuing my attendence there and getting to know people there as well.

Other than the church and forgetting my words, nothing else is really new. Life here is life like anywhere else. I have homework. I sleep. I eat. I go out and get 4 hours of sleep. It's totally rad. At this point though, I've started to miss, and crave, things from home. Here's some of them, in case you're wondering:
1. My mom's coffee (it's really strong!)
2. My dog Abbie
3. Stores being open from 2-5 everyday.
4. Stores being open on Sundays.
5. Stores being open in general!
6. Los Compas dates with Molly
7. Hugs from my bff, Kelsey
8. Texting whenever I want
9. Endless refills of water at restuarants
10. Target's dollar section
11. Mi familia
12. Jacob's Well with my Jewell Family

That's it for now. Hope you're enjoying keeping up with my life! :)


  1. 1.) i miss your hugs too. Lots and lots.
    2.) you switched your blog to spanish I am so proud
    3.) I love you and think you are beautiful, spain is pretty lucky to have you

    that's all i think

  2. Sarah,

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog-- I glad that you're having a wonderful time! Take advantage of every opportunity you have while you're there. I remembered that my "breakthrough" while I was in Costa Rica was when I could understand other conversations that I'd overhear (in a restaurant, on tv, etc) without even trying! It's a good feeling! To this day, I even dream in Spanish sometimes... Good luck!

  3. i freakin miss you sweet kid. hope your heart is stellar.

  4. I miss Las Compas too! I need Mexican food!