13 March 2009

What a wonderful world

Palabra del dia: viajar --> to travel

I say this because I'm going to Valencia this weekend. Oh, but don't you worry, the traveling doesn't stop there. Here's my schedule for the next 5 weekends:
-This weekend, Valencia. There's a festival called fallas and some girlfriends and I are leaving bright and early (can you say 5am to catch the bus?) tomorrow. This should be interesting.
-Next Thursday-Monday: Morocco. Yes, that's right. AFRICA. We're going with our program. We're staying in homestays. HOMESTAYS. Are you freaking kidding me?! This is going to be amazing.
-Weekend after: Barcelona. A friend and I are flying there for the weekend. It's going to be fun. I'm hoping to see my friend Alex who is studying there for at least a night if I can convince him not to travel. :)
-Weekend after: Leave for London. I'm visiting my friend Stacie from high school. I'm really excited to see her! Then later that week, I'll be in Germany visiting family friends. So that means London one weekend, and Germany the next. Really it's my spring break, the 4-12 of April. It's going to be sweet!!

Lately the weather here has been wonderful!! Let me give you a little glimpse of my daily life:
Some mornings I walk alone to school, in which case I bring my iPod and jam out. I love listening to music and being in my own world and enjoying the morning. Everyday I'm learning to cross the streets sin (without) crosswalks and it makes me feel special. I pass by a bakery everyday that I'm always tempted to stop in. I walk through a plaza, Gran Capitan, where I always see old guys sitting and taking in the sun. I also see gitanos (gypsies) with their dogs and always think of my own pup back home. I walk past the Chino shops (kinda of like dollar shops) and then onto Plaza Trinidad. There is a little bread stand that is always full with a line every morning. The old lady that works inside is precious! There's lots of birds in this plaza too and street cleaners cleaning the bird poop off the ground. Then it's past the shops and another little plaza to the plaza Bib Rambla. This plaza has many flower stands, and at one in particular, there is a man that I always say good morning to. Sometime I should actually stop and have a conversation. He wears a green sweater a lot (I only know cause it's my favorite color) and sometimes tells me I'm a flower as I walk by. How sweet. He's even given my friend Betsy a rose before. Next comes more shops that have shoes and clothes and tempt me even more than that dang bakery! Usually there's some sort of construction going on too, and it is usually accompanied with a cat call or whistle in my direction. Oh you silly Spanish men. Aw, and then finally. Gran Via. So close to school, just a little further to go. Make sure you don't get hit by a bus though when you cross the street. Just kidding. But seriously... Onto Plaza Nueva with the cafes setting up for the day. If you look straight up into the mountains you can see the Alhambra. Yes, that's right, I see a famous historical building everyday on my walk to school. When I finally get to my school, sometimes I see Hermi (our "security guard", but really just the handy man) who usually says something to me that I can't understand because of his deep accent. Then he proceeds to make fun of me a little and we have a good laugh.

All this to say, my life is incredible. Everyday I walk, soak up the sun, watch the people, and, quite literally, smell the roses. I love being able to enjoy life in this way, taking in my everyday surroundings and being in awe of everything I see.

Oh, I almost forgot! While I was wandering/observing for a class this morning, I found a little bakery called "Pan & Chocolate" (pan means bread). Um, heaven? Probably. I decided I should go in. Spain has an obsession with bread and chocolate. They eat it for breakfast. It's kinda strange, but I like it! I ended up getting three little crossant-like things with chocolate in the middle. Just enough to be a little snack. Oh yea, then on my way home earlier there was a guy on the street selling these massive strawberries for 1.50 euro pero 1/2 kilo. That's pretty good. I'd say if we were in the US these sort of venders might be a little sketch, but not here. Did I buy a 1/2 kilo? You bet I did. And ate some on my way home too!

Well, off to buy some tights. I finally found the tights store everyone has been talking about when I was wandering this afternoon. I couldn't decide then (typical), so I have to go back now. Yes, they have a store just for tights. Any color you would ever want. All tights. I think it's an obsession I can get used to.

Hasta luego!

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