08 March 2009

Vamos a la playa!

Palabra del dia: la playa --> beach

I've been in Spain for almost two months. This coming week marks the two-month mark, and I still can't believe it. I have done so much in these last 8 or so weeks, but it is amazing to me how much more I have to do. I look forward to everything that is still ahead of me, but I'm wishing it would slow down just a tad.

This weekend was one of my favorites so far. Today (Sunday) is my friend Betsy's birthday, so we ended up doing a lot for her. Yesterday after a chill day, I made some tiramisu (or really, helped Maricarmen make it) and got ready to go out to dinner with my friends. We went to a Spanish restaurant to which I brought my pan of tiramisu. We had a nice Spanish dinner and then topped it off with tiramisu which was wonderful! We were all pretty tired so we called it an early night and went in at 2am (ha, early!).
This morning I got up early in order to catch a bus to the bus station. Five friends of mine and I decided to (well, Betsy picked cause it was her birthday) to go to the beach. The beach we chose is called Nerja and is about 2 hours south of Granada by bus. The tickets were cheap and we got picnics from our host-moms, so it was pretty inexpensive. When we arrived in Narja, we wondered around until we found a plaza more or less overlooking the Mediterranian. Not too shabby, eh?! As I noticed later in the day when Betsy was recalling our day on the phone to her parents, we had a most marvelous day. Here's how it went:
After we took some gorgeous pictures in the plaza thing, we walked until we found a cafe/restaurant overlooking the Mediterranian once again. We ordered a pitcher of sangria for the six of us, some pan (bread), and gozpacho (a cold soup). We sat and chatted about how we missed peanut butter, drank our sangria, and soaked up the sun and the view. Next we headed down to find the beach. We found an area with a bunch of little cafes right on the beach and decided to stay there. We ate our bocadillos (sandwiches) and the Nutella and muffins we bought and then headed closer to the water. We didn't have anything to lay out on, but we sat down anyway. Montana and Laura decided to run into the water, even though it was freezing, while the rest of us took off our shoes and got comfortable. The weather could not have been any nicer. It was probably around 75 degrees, with a slight breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. Lying there with the sun warming my face, eyes closed, I could hear the sea and it was the most relaxed I'd been in a while. Besides a camera, I should have brought a tape recorder! We lied on the beach for about an hour, chatting about life, laughing at the kids splashing in the water, and basking in the sun. It was glorious, to say the least. When we had to leave the beach around 3 to catch the bus at 4:30, we walked back the way we came and got helado (ice cream) on our way back. I got chocolate and banana. Yummy! We napped on the bus ride back and here I am now, procrastinating on my studying because, quite frankly, I don't like to study. I'm living the life and I don't even realize it!

The first plaza-thing we came to. There was some sort of bike race or something so there were a lot of people on bikes too.


But really, pictures cannot display the true beauty of it all!
On the walk to the beach we stopped to take some pictures overlooking the city and the Mediterranian. If you look closely, you can see my swollen left ankle. Ouch!

Lovely ladies who ventured to Nerja! Me, Laura, Montana (her eyes aren't always closed, I promise!), Betsy (birthday girl!), Ronni, and Katie. So much fun!

Well, that's all for today. Hasta luego!

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