18 January 2009

Let's get ready to rumble!

Tonight is my last night in America for 4 1/2 months. Weird. It is funny how I've waited so long for this with such anticipation, and now I'm leaving in the morning. Tomorrow my mom, dad, and I will leave Springfield at 8am to get to the airport in Kansas City around noon. My flight doesn't leave till 2, but we thought since I'm leaving the country, it would be good to get there early. The last two days have been hectic, as I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get everything together to go. I've packed and re-packed and analyzed what I'm taking to make sure I'm not taking too much or too little. I don't know for sure what I'll actually need until I get over there, but I can guess pretty well. Now it's all packed and ready to go.

You might be wondering, how does one spend one's last night for 4 1/2 months in America? Well, right now I'm sitting watching Wall-E (the most boring movie ever, if you ask me) with my mom and step-dad, Bud. Though it's not very exciting, it's really the way I'd want it. Sitting at home, where it's familiar and comfortable, is something I'm not going to be able to do for a while, so I am trying to soak it up while I can.

To be honest with you, I'm nervous. Yes, I'm nervous about the travel part and actually getting there, but I'm more concerned with my emotional well-being. I am such a homebody it is ridiculous, and for me to step out and travel to another country by myself for an extended time is a big step. I'm excited, and I know I'm brave enough to do it, and that I will be okay, but it's jumping that's the hardest.

So here I go, about to jump into the unknown, but knowing that I am in for the ride of my life. Please make sure you keep in touch with me while I'm gone, cause I would love to hear from you! I'll make sure I post again once I'm in Spain and settled more or less. Hasta manana!

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